By Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Taraba State Director of Sports Mrs. Yosie Daniel Ayuba has disclosed that the state is fully prepared for the forth coming Sports Festival schedule to commence between 22nd March – 1st April 2020 in Benin city, Edo State.

She made the disclosure in an interview with newsmen on the level of preparations for the Festival.

According to her, the Festival tagged: EDO 2020 will feature all games and participants are drawn from all over the country.

” Taraba State participants are well prepared for the Festival because it has been long that we have not participated in the festival”

“Our expectations are high and on top gear for the Festival” – she added.

She disclosed that 208 number of participants would represent the state in various games during the festival, adding that it is the highest festival in the country so far.

She said that the state was unable to attend the 2018 festival as a result of the state financial predicament, but added that the state would participate in the EDO 2020.

” Anytime we attend a festival, we always come with Gold, Silver or Bronze”

On funding, she said:

“All states are having Challenges of funds not only Taraba State, but we are trusting God for funding”

She called on participants to keep on training and put in their best for the state and the nation at large.

” For them to participate in the Festival alone, they are doing good for the state and the nation at large, for they don’t know where Sports would take them to. The sky is their limits”

“The scouters are out there scouting for best performing participants in various games”

On women been appointed as Directors of Sports, she said:

“Sports don’t have gender, we are all one in Sports. What Men can do, women can do it better, and sometimes as Mothers, we give our best to the nation. In Adamawa state, the Director of Sports is also a woman, so women are coming up in the Sports circle” – she added.

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