By Moses Ghande

The Chairman Langtang North Local Government Council in Plateau state, Hon. Joshua Laven is currently facing pulic criticism, especially among his Langtang people, over abuse of powers, and fragrantly disobedient to the Federal and state government orders in managing the current health challenge in the country.

The Langtang community under the aegis of, Patriotic Langtang North Citizens have already written a formal letter to the Execution Governor of Plateau state to register their displeasure over the conduct of the local government Chairman.

In the letter titled: FLOUTING GOVERNMENT DIRECTIVES ON COVID-19 BY THE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, LANGTANG NORTH LGC-JOSHUA LAVEN, the petitioners commended the state government for taking proactive measures to prevent the spread of COVlD-19 in Plateau State.

“We however regret to inform you that your directive on public gathering issued via a statement by the secretary to the state government was violated by the Executive Chairman, Langtang North LGC between Saturday 21st and Monday 23rd instant.

“For example; the People’s Democratic Party, Plateau State had in a meeting held on Saturday 21st March, 2020, postponed her local government congresses in obedience to government directive issued the previous day. But we were surprised to see armed personnel of the Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps well positioned at the Langtang mini stadium with thousands of innocent persons lurking around them.

“The NSCDC personnel withdrew later in the afternoon when it became obvious that the exercise had been cancelled. On Monday 23rd March, 2020, we were again surprised to witness the same number of NSCDC personnel around the Langtang mini stadium with thousands of Peoples Democratic Party supporters conveyed to the venue in buses provided by the Council Chairman for the purported congress.

“We will not bother you with the authenticity of the exercise but our main concern is the safety of our people. As a result of the recalcitrant attitude of the chairman, the directives issued by the state government are not being complied with by citizenry of Langtang North. Just today, in flagrant disregard to government directives, the Executive Chairman presented a budget to the legislative arm with hundteds of supporters mingling freely without regard to the social distancing as advised by the government We are bothered with his action thus these pertinent questions. a. How could the chairman who is heading the third tire of government claim ignorance of a lawful directive aimed at safeguarding the lives of the people?

“How would the chairman throw caution to the wind in his bid to install his stooge as party chairman in Langtang North without considering the safety of his own people?

” We are of the considered opinion that what the chairman did was a direct challenge to your authority and it requires immediate action to restore sanity in governance.

“We implore you to investigate these allegations and to take steps to curb the excesses of this arrogant and reckless leader who doesn’t care about the safety of his people.

“We shall furnish you with any further information that you will require to enable you get to the roots of this matter.





The NSCDC, Langtang

The DP0, Langtang

The Area Commander, Eastern Area Command

The Executive Chairman, Langtang North LGC

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