The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Plateau state Chapter has cleared air on some sad developments that have portrayed the unity of the party nin the state to bad light.

The interim Leadership of the party, headed by Hon. Namdom pyennap Exodus Caretaker Chairman PDP plateau state told Journalists in a News conference on Thursday thus; “Over the past two weeks, the general public, security personnels and unsuspecting members of our great party has been fed with lies by group of people who are desperate to remain in office at all cost, they have gone on to present to who ever cares to know letters that lacks credibility, communication that falls short of standard administrative procedure.

“Those of you who are conversant with official communication should know that in every organization there is only one chief correspondence in matters of official communication. For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to take you through the relevant provision of the party constitution (2017 as amended).

“Gentlemen of the press, like we said earlier the public has been misinformed by group of individuals with some persons at the national level have taken advantages of the ravaging covid-19 health crisis to mutually enrich themselves while papetrating unconstitutional act of tenure elongation. In a serious matter such as it has to do with the decision of the National Working Committee as claimed by these characters, the communicator should ordinarily be the National Chairman or National secretary Section 35(1)(d) and 36(1)(b)(h).
Gentlemen of the press, we wish to ask: what does the party constitution expiration of the tenure of any officer or officers in this case? Section 31(2)(e) this provision of constitution is emphatic on the procedures upon the expiration tenure of the executives and setting up of caretaker committee. Following this provision of the constitution, we now ask where is the so-called doctrine of necessity coming from? It clear that the constitution anticipated existence of a vacuum and so clearly stipulated who to when such matters came to the fore such as we are having owing to convod-19.

“Gentlemen of the press, haven raised this constitutional issue permit us to go on a journey morality as the case may be, looking at Section 32(5)(a)(b) and issues raised, bearing in mind the fact that this same people who are hell bend on remaining in office are seeking re-election and their tenure has since elapsed shouldn’t moral dictate cause them to step aside if indeed they are genuinely interested in the party taking back its lost glory? From the above, who is given credents from impunity? As those who have served this great party in the last four years as stipulated in section 47(1) 2017 as amended, we expect they should have step aside quietly and wait the service they have rendered to speak for them in the forthcoming State congresses but May knowing that they have failed and are driving means of returning to power by all cost, this transforming from State Excos into caretaker committee to enable them manipulate the election processes and conduct of the state congresses in their favour.
As we conclude this briefing, we wish to to call on them to in the interest of the party quietly seek face of God and apologize to the party faithful their conduct in the past days and pack their baggages and go home to continue with their electioneering while we wait for convod-19 to be over and normal businesses resume in plateau state and Nigeria.
We remain loyal and

Long live PDP plateau state.
Long live Nigeria.

Hon. Namdom pyennap Exodus
Caretaker Chairman
PDP plateau state

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