2023 General Elections : APC WOULD FORM GOVERNMENT IN TARABA STATE – El – Sudi

By Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Taraba State Chairman of the All Progressive Change, APC, Barr. Tukur Ibrahim El – Sudi has lamented that despite the working hard for the success of the party in the state, the party was poorly represented at the Federal Level.

He stated this while addressing members at the Party Sectariate in Jalingo.

” Many Federal Government empowerment schemes in the state have been highjacked by the state government, repackage and share to PDP members and only few giving to other people, the higher number of beneficiaries are PDP members”.

” I urged Federal Government to consider giving more positions to party members in the state”.

He insisted that the APC in the state have demostrated steady progression in the 2015 and 2019 General Elections.

“In 2015, the party scored over 290, 000 votes and in 2019, the party scored 335,000, but no single member was appointed into any position such as CEO’s of Federal Government Organizations, Companies, Parastatals amongst others” – he said.

“APC control power at the Federal Level, but members in Taraba State are not feeling its impact” – he added.

He said that women also are not carried along despite their suffering and contributions to the Party during the General Elections and plead with the Federal Government to give Taraba State it’s share at the Federal Level, especially the APC members.

In his remarks, Northeast representative on the All Progressive Congress (APC) Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, Professor Tahir Mamman (SAN), urged the party faithfuls in Taraba to close ranks and work together to ensure victory in subsequent elections in the state.

He noted that there was serious need for reconciliation of all party members as the house was big enough to accommodate all members and even welcome a lot more.

“There should be justice and a level playing ground for all, regardless of their background and class.

“We must work together if we really want to achieve desired results. We are all critical stakeholders and must allow unity and party interest to prevail.

“You must begin to select leaders and your representatives based on their track records of good works and worthy characters rather than sentiments and biases.

“It is very important that we distinguish ourselves from the norm that has kept party system in the country backward for so long”, Mamman said.

He further urged the people to carry women along and ensure that they are fully represented in all the activities of the party and give them chances for elective positions so that they do not feel sidelined.

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