Constituent Slams Baba Hassan, Your Hooliganism,Vulgarism and Thuggery Must Stop.

By Moses Gbande

The People of Jos North-North, a constituent where Ibrahim Baba Hassan represents in the Plateau State House of Assembly, have viewed with dismay the way and manner their representative has been carrying out his anticidents.

Rt. Hon Ibrahim Baba Hassan

The Constituents in a press statement signed by
Chairman of the concerned citizen of Jos North, Philip Adams and it’s Secretary, Afan Abel, said it is high time they rise as a people and put senses to Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Baba Hassan, for aiding and abating crises in the Hallowed Chambers of the Plateau state House of Assembly, since he became the member of the state House of Assembly.

“Hon. Baba Hassan,who hails from Yobe state,has been in the state house of Assembly for almost two decades now and no indigene of this Cosmopolitan Constituency has ever enjoyed this kind of privilege in which so many people describing it a miniature Nigeria.

“Instead of reciprocating this wonderful gesture and opportunity which come but once, the man has grossly and flagrantly abuses and misuses this ample opportunity by turning himself into a monster, traunt and an absentee member, he only appears in the Chambers when there is budget presentation, screening of commissioner nominees and other appointees of the Governor.

“It will interest members of the General Public to know that,this man has never appointed an Indigene from the constutuency, particularly Afizere and Anaguta amongs others as his Aids but only his Muslim Brothers. A member is entitled to appoint a Personal Assistant, Driver and Special Assistant.

“There has never been town hall meeting neither Constituency project in any of the communities of the Indigenes.

“What Baba Hassan is paying us with is, ochestrating Impeachment of the speakers of the state house of Assembly.
The last stroke that broke the camel’s back is the Impunity, Drama, fiasco and debacles that took place Thursday morning in the state house of Assembly.

“Even Thugs of the 21 century are more civilized, organized and co-ordinated more than the so called 8 members that were smuggled to hatch the botch impeachment saga and Baba Hassan was again remain unrepented desciple of violence was conspicuously seeing molesting other members of the Assembly.
Enough is Enough.

“We wish to inform the whole world that,we don’t have confidence on him, we sent him to represent us at the parliament by sponsoring bills, motions and oversight functions as required of any parliamentarian.

“Having failed woefully, we therefore, passed a vote of no confidence on him.

“We have started compiling signatures as required by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to recall him and have a replacement with someone that’s astute, industrious, Proactive and a team player, peace maker, lover of people and democracy,who will provide quality representation to the constutuency.

” Recalling him is sacrosanct and we stand firm, resolute like the mount Zion and Rock of mount zion, no retreat and no surrender.

“We want to equally state and reiterate clearly without any equivocation and ambiguity that,we passed a vote of confidence on the Right Hon. Nuhu Abok Ayuba, Speaker of the 9th Assembly.

“The Security agents should be neutral and protect the speaker who is a worthy, pragmatic and worthy Ambassador in which Plateau People are Pleased with him”

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