Death Toll Rises To 52 In Fulani Attacks In Nasarawa.

By Moses Gbande

Eyewitness account says the number of casualties in the ongoing attacks on communities in Nasrawa State by Fulanis has rising to 52.

By the time of filling this report, the casualty figures mostly Tiv people were being recovered.

The communities affected by the Carnage have spread across 3 LGAs of Lafia, Obi & Awe including Chabo, Daa,Tse-Udugh, Hagher and Shankodi.

Information has it that apart from the 52 corpses sofar recovered, dozens are still missing, and half a million displaced.

The state Governanor is still being expected to make comment on the killings this afternoon.

For Further clarifications, You may wish to call (0703 657 6220) President, Tiv Dev. Association, TIDA, Nasarawa state, Comrade Peter Ahemba, and (0816 066 0273) Ter Tiv, Nasarawa state, Chief Clement Ibo.

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