The Gov Benue Needs in 2023-Rev Adeyongu

As permutations for who will fly the various flags of the political parties for the Benue state Governorship in 2023, a fifty years old clergy of the NKST church, Rev Isaac Adeyongu has unveiled his plans for an ideal governor devoid of godfather.Rev Adeyongu who is aspiring under the People Democratic Party, PDP spoke with correspondent in Abuja weekend after officiating at the wedding of the son the Permenant Secretary, Government House Administration, Mr Iangba.Read the excert:
I am from Oshongo LGA, Benue state. I was born in 1971, I started my education at the NKST primary school in Katsina Ala after which I proceeded to Government College Katsina-Ala. I was traained at the Seminary School and the Benue state University, BSU. I am currently a resident pastor in NKST in Oshogo LGA.Politics, it is said to be dirty in this part of the world. From your background, how fit are you prepared for the rough edges of politicking in Benue?
Politics began from God. He gave Adam and Eve the power to rule, dominion over everything, so the mandate God was giving was to his children so that is where politics began.
I look at it from the perspective of a devine calling. When God calls you, he sends you and there is a particular mission  he wants you to accomplish. So at the period of Rev Fr Moses Orshio Adasu, God called him and if you can recall back, it was during his short term that Benue state University was established. There are a few but tangible other small things that count under his administiont so, I am called for a particular political assignment.  I know that  our state is envisaged by the problem of herdsmen and other nagging problems of under development. I called them little problems because God has shown me the way and I know that if I come on board I will conquer.
The problem is lack of truth. If I come I will make a change and how will I make the change? I will build a mental image that will correspond to reality. In the first place, I am connected to God so I have 3 Point Agenda. Number 1, Holiness, I know there cant be achievement or development without accountability, so by the time you speak the truth, and you stand by the truth and you build  a mental image that corresponds to the reality then you will begin to see the fruit. Infrastructure will come on board, you will see education.
You see that the problem of education in Benue state is that three quarter of the people that comes out of the university don’t have jobs and nothing to motivate them that is why sometimes they are enticed to go into banditry and kidnapping and other unpleasant things.
I will industrialize Benue. Look at Taraku Mills, if you reactivate Taraku mills, in which am going to do, it will create employment opportunities and boast agriculture. I will bring industries like fruit juice industries, if you bring a tomato blending plant you can imagine how it will encourage the local farmers who plant tomatoes.Will the godfathers allow this?I am aware that godfather is important but I will dependent on God who has called me, I have told you earlier that this is a call to service, and so God has called me so I am not dwelling my energy so much on who to back me but I am strictly thinking of how I will go as God is directing me.
How easy will that be considering the trouble Gov Samuel Ortom is facing, battling with both killer herdsmen and local opposition at home? What Benue needs is a Good fearing leadership. Benue needs a God sent governor not godfather imposed.
But Adasu too was Godsent but never had it this simple Sir. With the huge financial requirements such project is required, how deep is your pocket?
The one with God is the one with the majority, God has everything, I was telling my congregation that because of me, God will cause confusion in Benue state, between those you are calling the rich, deep pockets and their Godfathers, they will all come back to say the man of God should lead.So what are your plans for Benue people?Under the 3 Point Agenda, we will salvage the industrialization of the state. The abandoned Taraku mills, Lobi industrial project, and other agro cottage companies are needed to create jobs for our graduates. You will have noticed that Benue state has alot graduates who are unemployed. We have master degree holders who are not engage. Many of them are now becoming kidnappers, bandits, Yahoo boys, etc.What is lacking in governance is the truth.Benue needs true and honest leaders at this trying moment.

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