APC Is An Irresponsible Organization, PDP

The Plateau
State publicity Secretary
of the Peioles Democratic party, PDP John T. Akans KSM, FICA JP, says the major problem of the APC in Plateau state, as it is at the National is the crass display of insensitivity, cluelessness, and abuse of power.

Akans who in a statement i reply to a statement from APC’a claim that, “PDP is playing a devil’s advocate” says a sensitive and responsible organization should be talking against the democratic rape that took place in the early hours of Thursday 28th October, 2021 at the Plateau State House of Assembly complex.

“If there’s anything that seem directionless on the Plateau, it can’t be less than the APC led government. They have just displayed their lack of shame and disrespect for the rule of law.

“This is another testament to the fact that this present factional group of election rigging opportunist of the APC have nothing to offer the state than its continues rascality, embezzlement and disobedience to the rule of law.

“We know that the signatory of this release is new to the job but not new to the fraud going on in the state led by the incapacitant and inchoate Governor which we have continued to witness steady decline in all sectors of governance

“The APC should note that their melodramatic alleged impeachment of the Speaker Plateau State House of Assembly by an insignificant number of yesmen cannot stand even in Banana Republic.

“The PDP is not playing partisanship with this anti democratic action of the factional APC but concerned about the well-being and the future of our people and the state. As this administration has turned out to be a big disaster and an obscene embarrassment to the people of plateau state and indeed Nigerians.

“We therefore enjoin the new factional APC not to waste its remaining two years in office chasing shadow they should learn to adopt a democratic spirit instead of this rude attempt to defend illegality and impunity.

“The Peoples Democratic party (PDP) will never pretend as if all is well when it is obvious that the state is faced with continued deterioration of state public infrastructure across the state with high debt profile of about #200 billion

“The APC has exposed our democracy to danger and this most stop.They should note that Legislative Arm, is a coordinated body that operates with rules and regulations, it shouldn’t be cajoled into becoming an assemblage of comedians like their party. Even critical thinkers within the APC fold are frowning at this barbaric behaviour.

“When Sylvanus Namang writes, is it for the Bature faction or the Itse faction? So we know the real personae that are exacerbating energy in raping our democracy and call them by their names.

“The Peoples Democratic Party, will continue to fight impunity, political bandits, power kidnappers and 7/24 impeachment saga in the core interest of our state and for democracy to strife.

“Meanwhile, we congratulate the PDP for a successful National Convention and are open to receive and welcome aggrieved members of the APC and lovers of development as they join us in the coming months”.

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