How Locals Use Urine To Put Off Fire At Incubation Centre In Plateau

Natives of Langtang-South Local Government Area of Plateau State has recounts their ugly experience while quenching fire that engolfed the ongoing Incubation Centre project of the National Board of Technology Incubation (NBTI) Abuja located in Mabudi Langtang-South LGA of Plateau State.

The project, facilitated by Hon. Beni Lar, Member House of Representatives Representing Langtang-North/Langtang-South Federal Constituency at the National Assembly Abuja said when completed will addressed the issues of human capital development through various entrepreneural skills that can be exported to other countries of the world.

The project consist of the “Development of laboratories, Workshop and Incubation Units” at the TIC Mabudi Extension, located at the outskirts of Mabudi town the headquarters of Langtang-South Local Government Area og Plateau State is said to have been set ablaze by yet to be identified persons.

An eyewitness Mr. Lohpon Nimfah Lar who together with other locals help to quenched the fire narrated to Journalists yesterday when the Lawmaker visited the scene of the fire incident how they used their urine to quenched the fire due to lack of water in the area.

“At about 8pm on Sunday we were told that fire is on the Incubation Centre and we ran to this place, there was no water. One of us had to removed his shirt and everybody was told to urinate on the shirt.

“After urinating, the shirt became wet so we used it by placing it on any burning wood and brushed it until the fire is off before those who went for water arrived.”

Another eyewitness Mr. Samson Shama who uses his car to get water said members of the Community had to used narpsack farm sprayer in their numbers to help put of the fire.

He called on government to put such critical needs into consideration such as mini fire station for a project of that nature while security personnel be deployed to the site until is completed and Commission for use.

Honourable Beni Lar who visited the Ponzhi Mabudi Ponzhi Nimmak Dauda over the incident before proceeding to the project site accompanied by the embattled Chairman of Langtang-North Hon. Joshua Laven assured the community that the multi-million naira project is going to be completed and commissioned for the benefit of all Nigerians.

She stressed that she will not in anyway be distracted by those distractors from delivering on her campaign promises by ensuring that her constituents’ and the good people of Plateau State and the country rip the dividends of democracy at all time.

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