Tyoden: Reinforcing the Unmistakable

By Moses Gbande

The Heavens themselves, they say, blaze forth the birth of princes. It is the meeting of divinity and providence that Professor Soni Gwande Tyoden, is making himself available to serve the state and is coming with all uncommon trajectory, an expansive and extensive pedigree, and an unsurpassed mileage in public affairs and administration. Like some troubadour, he has traversed issues, challenges, tests, assignments, innovations and all; and earned the virtues of trust, experience, confidence and the fundamentals of leadership. As an aspirant to the governorship of Plateau State come 2023, he is certainty standing tall; and is favoured by time and circumstance; and remains the candidate to beat in any fair electoral contest.

As a deputy governor, the administration drew and derived invaluable credibility from his hard-earned integrity and public esteem and candour. He is reputed to having served diligently and provided the gauge and stabilizing factor of the administration. As chairman of the transition committee in 2015, his report set the perspective and compass that gave philosophical foundation to the APC government’s outlook and development paradigm. It is simply to state obvious by noting that the Professor’s gubernatorial ambition is practically a further expression of the ideals contained in that 2015 transition committee report; and of course a window to do move in consonance of emergent and emerging challenges in global economics, politics, diplomacy, and development collaborations. The inauguration of this campaign organization and council is a foreword to an era of development and transformation. It is also a preface to a period of grace and fulfillment as the age-long aspirations of the people will receive expression in relevant and corresponding government programmes and people – based governance. All that is the difference between that dawn and now is that the Plateau people must do seed sowing by enlisting massively and popularly in this TRUST PROJECT. The time is now and the deadline is 2023. It is a call to serve and a call to all of us to rise to the truth and work to change our state for the better. “The World outside is moving and we must move with it. This is our chance”.

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